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Everyone wants their business website to look great, but don’t forget that good web design isn’t just about what your site looks like.

There are many reasons why your business needs a website. Whether you want to generate new leads or improve your brand visibility online, your web presence is now a vital part of your business.

One of the biggest reasons customers come to Web is because they want their site to look good. Backed by extensive experience, our web designers know how to make a website eye-catching for visitors, but we also pride ourselves on creating seamless and intuitive sites that are easy to use.

Paying close attention to your needs and goals, we tailor every part of your site to hook your customers, whether it’s your brand colours, your page layout, or your copy.

Visuals matter, but so does the user experience – here are some of the major benefits of a well-designed website…

Boost Customer Engagement

From brochure sites to online storefronts, business websites offer great opportunities to connect with customers and improve engagement. More engaged customers will not only buy more but also advocate for your goods and services to other potential customers.

But how do we keep a customer engaged? First and foremost, we must make sure that anyone who comes to your website looking for one of your products and services in particular can find the right information easily.

Intuitive website navigation is key to turning site visits into sales. Here are four key elements of intuitive navigation:

  • Minimal Web Pages – The fewer pages there are to navigate, the less time site visitors have to spend looking for what they really want.
  • A Clean and Organised Menu – Whatever type of navigation bar you use, organise menus simply, with drop-downs if necessary, for total ease of use.
  • A Search Bar – Better yet, if your customer has arrived on your site from a search engine, make it easier to browse your site with a prominent search bar.
  • Convenient Navigation – Make it easy for customers to navigate to every page from every other page – for instance, why not link your logo back to the home page?

Generate Brand Credibility

Did you know that 38% of web users will abandon a site with bad design? A cheap-looking website with either bland or gaudy design choices will give visitors the wrong first impression, which is why it’s important to have the right elements in the right places.

A great-looking and functional website can work wonders for your online brand credibility. The essentials include:

  • Simplicity: Keep things clean and simple, because if information is too hard to find or elements take too long to load, your visitor will quickly abandon your site.
  • Consistency: Pick a theme and colour scheme and stick to it, because wacky variations in colours, fonts, and font sizes from page to page can be off-putting.
  • Mobile Compatibility: With more than half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial to optimise your website compatible with different screen sizes.
  • Accessibility: On a similar note, you can make your site accessible to everyone with additions such as alt text and keyboard navigation, which also have SEO benefits.
  • Readability: Even if you have the best design in the world, you need to make sure the text is readable and relevant – search engines rank your site based on this too.

Improve Brand Awareness and Customer Retention

Most of all, your website gives an idea of what your brand is all about. Good or bad, your website design will leave a lasting impression.

In building brand awareness, it’s important to make sure your choices are consistent across all online sites and platforms. From your brand colours and typography to your contact details, consistent branding will put you at the front of the queue when your visitors are ready to purchase a service or product.

Better yet, a great website improves customer retention. Acquiring new customers can cost up to five times more than keeping existing ones, and when customers enjoy your site’s user experience, they’re more likely to return and become repeat customers.

What’s more, loyal customers talk to other potential customers. Word of mouth is the best and cheapest marketing strategy there is and if you satisfy your customers, they’re more likely to recommend you to friends and families.

Widen Your Audience

Finally, when you have a website, it will appear in search engine results page. The search engine will rank your site based on a variety of aforementioned factors, including user experience, load times, and site traffic.

And so, there’s a lot you can do to influence how high or low your site appears in results, and it all starts with designing your site for convenience and compatibility, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Here at Web, we understand what makes a great website. Our expert team know the ins and outs of user experience and build sites that meet current industry standards while also lending credibility and reach to your business brand.

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