Website Builder vs Web Designer: Which Is Best for Your Business?

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Whether you choose to build your own site or hire a web designer, a business website takes time, effort, and money – so which option is better for you?

All websites require coding. Nowadays, the rise of website builder platforms has enabled businesses to create their own sites without having to hire professional designers to code it for them.

With ready-to-use templates and drag-and-drop functionality, website builders are popular among even the least tech-savvy business owners for their accessibility and convenience. Web designers still offer the skills and expertise required for something a little more personalised and professional than pre-built templates.

At Web, we know that both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks depending on what type of business you have. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Tight Budget? Use a Website Builder

Many companies don’t have the budget to spare on web design packages, in which case we recommend you create your site using a website builder. While hiring a web designer is a great investment, it’s possible to build a site with all the basics without breaking the bank.

Plus, it provides a great foundation for now, so that you can upgrade later if you want to – as well as choosing a design package, you could also add a professional domain name and email addresses or use our SEO services to make sure your site ranks highly with search engines.

Want a Unique Website Design? You Need a Designer

Website-building platforms offer a huge range of pre-built templates, often tailored to your specific type of business. But if you want to make your site stand out and make some bigger swings in design and functionality, you’ll find templates a bit limiting. That’s when you need a designer.

Experienced in designing sites for high demand (i.e., an eCommerce site) our designers will build your site from scratch if needs be. Paying close attention to all your requirements, they’ll work their magic and optimise your site’s design and functionality to suit your brand and customers.

Need a Website Quickly? Choose Our Builder

How quickly does your website need to be ready? Sites created by web designers have longer lead times, because they need to consult you, research keywords, and test the finished product before it goes live. It’s worth spending time on a quality site.

However, if you need your website up and running quickly, a website builder is the way to go – with templates and drag-and-drop functionality, you can build your site quickly and conveniently and get it ready to launch at a time that suits you.

No Coding Knowledge? Turn to Our Designers

If you already know CSS and PHP, you won’t have too much trouble using a website builder to customise templates to your taste. While it’s possible to learn how to use a building platform even with no prior knowledge of coding, you might feel more comfortable working with a professional designer.

Our team cover all aspects of design, from writing professional copy to testing the site before it goes live. This takes the stress away from you and leaves you free to concentrate on other, more important tasks in the day-to-day running of your business.

Conclusion – You Decide!

You know your business better than anyone. We believe that website builders are best for beginners who are still growing their business, while web design is better for companies that can afford to spend more time and money on sites.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your budget, your technical know-how, and your business needs right now. Whatever you decide, Web provides first-class web building, design, and hosting solutions to suit your requirements.

About Mark Harrison

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