Made by skiers that love to ski but don't like carrying skis!

The owner of Skiweb always loved ski trips but never liked carrying skis and poles! After many years of struggling, she decided she needed a carrier and set out to find one. She set to it, drawing a sketch on a flight home from a ski trip and within a year started the business - the rest is history!

Skiweb is an online business offering a range of skiwear and related goods and accessories to customers in both the UK and the USA.

There are a number of websites catering to this market but Skiweb specifically target families and first time skiers rather than concentrating on professionals or seasoned veterans. With a range of ski accessories available, including award winning Ski Carriers and gifts for skiers and snowboarders, they offer a comprehensive range of products to the target audience.

We designed their new website to provide the customer with an intuitive, simple purchase path which is optimised for conversion as well as an experience which encourages them to further browse and buy ancillary products. Ideally, they will become repeat customers and refer others by way of positive reviews and word of mouth.

Our experienced designers ensured the new site:

  • Is modern and easy to navigate, increasing the time that a customer is likely to spend on the site
  • Is a unification of the UK and US site with different text and currency appearing depending on the customer’s country of origin
  • Takes the customer on a buying journey from landing on the homepage to making a purchase
  • Is visually appealing and attracts new visitors who may not have previously heard of the brand
  • Reduces the amount of subcategories to make it easier for the end user to find what they are looking for
  • Is fully responsive design, optimised to be mobile and tablet friendly
  • Prominently displays reviews and testimonials from happy customers


Project overview