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LVC London School of English Language

Liral Veget College (LVC) London School of English is a Language School, with professionally trained teachers and staff, whose aim is to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible.

LVC’s goal is not just to teach you but to monitor your progress and to support you as you continue in your chosen course. We have dedicated staff that coordinate student welfare activities and oversee our support services, helping to create the optimum atmosphere in which you will be able to develop to your full potential.

A bespoke WordPress website was built that enabled the organisation to look professionalm and allowed them to gather online interest from potential students. Our expert Design Team built them a transparent course fee calculator, as well as a 20-minute English test, both used for lead generation.

The customer stated, “Great experience – we are very happy with this bespoke product you have built. It is professional, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly generates leads for our business. The site performs well in the search engines and we have had a complete hosting service with zero downtime”

Project overview