Crazy Bean

Crazy Bean started as a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe on Great Bookham High Street in Surrey. Rob and Krissi wanted to create the kind of place they wanted to visit, to safely eat, shop and meet like-minded people.

Crazy Bean’s customers inspired them to build an ethical, vegan, online marketplace. The mission of this online marketplace was to not only give people a place to shop safely and securely online, but to support and encourage the amazing and inspiring producers that are brave enough to live the kind life and support this ever growing and exciting cause.

Our Designers and Developers set off to build the first ‘vegan Etsy’. Before we started the project and dived in head first with the website build, our expert Designers worked on the Branding. Brainstorming and created a mood board complete with colour palette, examples of a hover-over and also mock-ups of the home page and a product page. We also gave their logo a refresh and did a small bit of rebranding to make it appropriate for digital. We then designed and built the whole site on WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin.

Project overview