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Social Media Marketing Case Study – EVC Scotland


What does your business get out of our social media marketing services? We spoke with EVC Scotland, an electric vehicle charging station installer in Glasgow, about their experience.

How did our team help you reach your customers?

They contacted me and asked me who I wanted to target, and i said consumers with households. From that point onwards, they constructed the plan and carried it out. They encouraged me to use Instagram and Facebook and I’m very happy with the results.

How did our social media marketing suit your overall marketing strategy?

We were in our first year of trading and I don’t think we had a marketing strategy. So, after seeing what we can get from these leads with domestic customers and the excellent business they attracted, we’re now looking to replicate that with different audiences, like commercial clients.

Were you satisfied with the results of your social media ad campaigns?

I was definitely happy with the number of leads and opportunities that came up. We’ve been working with you for just over six months, and it’s not going to be loads of leads every single day, but we’re absolutely satisfied with what’s been coming in over that timescale.

How did you measure the success of your social media ad campaigns?

I don’t have a spreadsheet or anything like that, I base it on money – how much we’re spending and how much we’re bringing in revenue-wise. I knew very quickly it was going well after selling a handful of chargers. It was much more efficient at bringing in leads than the sales and admin infrastructure I already had in place.

Did our team use any specific ad formats or targeting techniques that were particularly effective for your business?

I personally liked that the images they used changed quite regularly because it just made it a bit different – I saw it myself when I was scrolling through things on Instagram and it looked fresh, and not just the same thing every single time. Customers obviously liked it too – I was getting details about new leads on a spreadsheet daily and the team kept me updated regular reports and analysis.

Were there any challenges or issues during the campaign? If so, how were they resolved?

Yeah, I increased the budget and then asked the guys to drop it back down to what it was the previous months. That caused some issues for just a couple of days, but everything was back on track after that. The change seemed to have an impact in terms of visibility, but after a couple of days it was sorted, and the leads were coming in again.

How was our team’s communication and responsiveness throughout the campaign?

The team spoke to me multiple times every day and kept me posted. Jacob likes the sound of his voice, just like me. I’ve got him on WhatsApp and whenever I dropped him a message, he would come back to me pretty much right away, even out of hours. I sent a message at 8:00 p.m. on Friday night, not expecting a reply until Monday, but he came right back, which was decent of him. Above and beyond – well worth a pat on the back, for sure.

Would you recommend our social media marketing services to other businesses?

Absolutely. I’ve already recommended you to other people and told them to get set up. And I practice what I preach, because I’m going to use your services again for something else.

Any final thoughts?

Personally, I don’t like social media and as an individual, I don’t use it. So, for somebody who doesn’t like it but understands how important social media is for business, it’s important to find a company like yours. I am never going to learn how to do it or put the time into managing the posts, so this service is invaluable for people like me.When Jacob called me to give me the sales pitch, we chatted away for 10 to 15 minutes, which is what made me decide to choose these services. His communication has been excellent all the way throughout the process. If I hadn’t, I’d still be sat spending more and getting fewer leads and opportunities. I wish you had called me a year ago instead of six months ago!

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