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PPC Case Study – Pivotal180


How can pay-per-click (PPC) marketing help your business? We asked Pivotal180, a financial modelling and training services provider in New York, about their success with our Google ad campaigns.

How did our team help you define your target goals for your Google ad campaigns?

Our company promotes courses online and our goal was to get more people booking our courses throughout America. Your team discussed our goals and guided us on the best path forward.We have learnt that targeting specific times of the month drives more conversions and more money for my business. The team has also learnt that some areas and audiences are much better to target and have been actively targeting them with the correct times.

Were you satisfied with the results of your Google ad campaigns?

Overall, we have seen a 50% increase in sales from the previous year. We have worked closely with Web.com and are looking to expand this further with the additional revenue we have received.

How did you measure the success of your Google ad campaigns?

This is measured through the revenue brought in. Each month, the conversions are totalled, and we look at the sales from the month to review how much revenue we have made from the marketing. We have regular monthly meetings with the team to analyse ad performance, going through the previous month and what actions were taken, and then discuss the best course of action for the next month, so we are aware of all aspects and what is happening on the account.

Were there any challenges or issues that arose during the campaign, and if so, how were they resolved?

We are currently trying to market in Australia, which is a more competitive market, and we are currently working through different methods to improve this, including expanding into LinkedIn. The team’s communication has been good, Phil answers questions quickly and solves any issues he can for us.

Any final thoughts?

I would recommend these services, as the increase in traffic and sales has been very good for us. It’s helped us expand our client base, with 83% of new clients coming from the website. We are satisfied with our services, and it’s been such a smooth process. The Web.com team is very helpful and very easy to work with, and all our problems and queries are answered quickly.

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